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Welcome to the Faculty
of Arts and Sciences

About the faculty

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences offers bachelor's programmes, master's programmes and single-subject courses within some 40 subjects areas encompassing behavioural sciences, economics and business administration, commercial law, humanities, computer science, natural sciences and social sciences. Master's programmes fully taught in English are offered within various fields of study. A spread of single-subject courses is offered to Swedish and international students.

Studies at the Faculty are characterized by in-depth subject knowledge, interdisciplinary working methods, an international outlook and new ideas. Thematically organised research along with more disciplinary research paves the way for research areas and research themes with strong social relevance. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences is unique in that the whole teaching and scholarly effort is organised around issues central to the international community and modern society. This blend gives students and researchers a new perspective on academia as both all-round and specialised. Learning and interaction in education is central. Student initiative and participation in the educational process is encouraged.

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Last updated: 2015-12-18