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Supervision and support

The individual study plan can be seen as a kind of contract between the doctoral student and the supervisor where, on the conditions stated, both undertake to achieve certain goals. It is important that the doctoral student and the supervisor discuss and make clear at an early stage what they expect of each other. What can the doctoral student expect of the supervisor concerning time, presence, supervision etc? What can the supervisor expect of the student?

As well as the main supervisor, an assistant supervisor should be appointed. There are several reasons for this. The assistant supervisor may be able to contribute expertise that the main supervisor lacks. The main supervisor should at least be a qualified docent.

The doctoral student has the right to receive supervision during the time deemed necessary for the prescribed studies of 240 credits. After this, the university is no longer responsible for providing supervision.

The faculty board is empowered to decide that a doctoral student who substantially violates the obligations set out in the individual study plan may have the right to supervision withdrawn together with other resources.

Doctoral students are entitled to change supervisors if they request so.

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Last updated: 2009-11-27