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Seminar Series at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

An academic seminar is one of the most important sites for scholarly discussions. It is of vital importance for both research and graduate education. On this page you will find series of seminars in English available at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.



AI in Society Seminar

The seminar offers an interdisciplinary forum for discussing Humanities perspectives on artificial intelligence. We trace the historical fascination with building smart machines and discuss implications that machine learning has on our everyday lives, culture and society. This seminar is a reading seminar and we welcome seminar participants to bring thoughts and questions about the texts for each session. Seminars are held in English.

The seminar is open to everyone who is interested in discussing how AI is becoming part of our society. You can find our current seminar schedule here. If you would like to receive information about the readings and the Zoom link, please send an email to the contact person below and you will be added to the mailing list. 

Keywords: artificial intelligence, humanities, society, technology

Contact: Hannah Pelikan (hannah.pelikan@liu.se)

ASC Seminar

The ASC seminar is an internal colloquium within the research environment ‘Ageing and Social Change’. The seminar’s purpose is to facilitate communication and it provides a stage for continuous academic exchange and research presentations within the environment.

The seminar takes place on Thursdays 10.00-11.00. Please contact Annika Heuer for programme information and registration.

Keywords: Ageing research, academic exchange, ageing and social change

Contact: Annika Heuer (annika.heuer@liu.se)


ASC-ISAR – Interdisciplinary Seminar on Ageing Research 

ASC-ISAR is a seminar series for everyone interested in research on ageing. ASC-ISAR provides a platform for lectures on issues of ageing from various disciplinary and interdisciplinary angles by outstanding Swedish and international experts. It serves as a platform for ageing research where researchers meet, network and create collaborations.

The seminar takes place once per month on Wednesdays 13.15-15.00. Please see the programme at https://liu.se/en/article/isar and contact George Pavlidis for registration.Keywords: Ageing research, interdisciplinarity, ageing and social change

Contact: George Pavlidis (george.pavlidis@liu.se)


Body, knowledge, subjectivity 

The P6 seminar series is co-organized by scholars at Tema T and G, and with active participants from across Linköping University. We research topics of agency, embodiment, knowledge production, normativity, subjective and intersubjective meaning-making in relationship to the development and use of technologies (understood broadly), as well as how the subject and technology construct each other. Our conversations touch on social, cultural, philosophical, ethical aspects of the development and use of technologies or techniques. We develop theoretical terms in dialog with empirical material and allow theory to inspire our empirical analysis. Using approaches from the social science and humanities, many of us contribute to theoretical discussions within feminist science studies, feminist technoscience, and feminist phenomenology, as well as to the medical humanities and science, technology and society studies. 

Our seminars are held on Thursdays from 10.15-12. The seminar is open to everyone. If you are interested in participating, you are welcome to contact us for further information. The Seminar’s working language is English.


Actors, body, embodiment, knowledge production, normativity, subjectivity


Kristin Zeiler,  kristin.zeiler@liu.se; Corinna Kruse,  corinna.kruse@liu.se; Ericka Johnson ericka.johnson@liu.se


Collaborative Seminar Series at IEI

The collaborative seminar series at IEI is a platform for the presentation of research at all stages to promote disciplinary and interdisciplinary exchange at the Department of Management and Engineering (IEI). The seminar series is aimed at senior and junior researchers within and outside LiU. The seminars are usually held in English. The presentation of research in the seminar series takes place both by invitation and by contacting the seminar leaders.

Keywords: business administration, furniture design, industrial managementinformation systems and digitalisation logistics and quality management, operations management and finance, project, innovation & entrepreneurship

Responsible for the seminar series are Andrea Fried (andrea.fried@liu.se), Magnus Klofsten (magnus.klofsten@liu.se) and Ulf Melin (ulf.melin@liu.se).


Conversation- and interaction analysis seminar

The seminar offers a forum for researchers and doctoral students in different academic disciplines who share an interest in analysing social interaction taking place within a range of settings. Seminars are organised as data sessions, where the person giving the seminar shows (typically) short clips of (video)recorded and carefully transcribed data to receive analytic input from the other participants. No readings are circulated prior to the seminar. Seminars take place on Thursdays at 10-12, approximately every third week. Interested colleagues and students are welcome to attend. No registration in advance is necessary. Upcoming seminars are regularly announced here (link to Swedish sitet) and on a dedicated e-mail list.

Conversation analysis; Ethnomethodology; Multimodal interaction analysis, Video analysis

Asta Cekaite (asta.cekaite@liu.se), Jakob Cromdal (jakob.cromdal@liu.se) and Leelo Keevallik (leelo.keevallik@liu.se).


Higher Seminar for Philosophy and Applied Ethics 

The Higher Seminar for Philosophy and Applied Ethics is the main platform for presenting research that is currently being undertaken by members of the “Philosophy and Applied Ethics” research group or by external guests. Like philosophy itself, the Higher Seminar is not restricted to any particular topic or field of investigation. Rather, the series covers the full range of philosophical sub-disciplines, from epistemology over philosophy of science and political philosophy to philosophy of language and applied ethics. Since the research group has strong interests in interdisciplinary research, the program of the Higher Seminar will also feature occasional presentations from non-philosophers.

Although the format of the Higher Seminar is open, presentations are typically 45 minutes long and are followed by an extensive Q&A. We are meeting at least once per month, usually on Wednesdays between 10am and noon. Everybody is welcome, no pre-registration is necessary. In order to receive updates about the program, please either follow us on twitter (LiU Philosophy&Applied Ethics; @philappeth) or subscribe to our mailing list by writing a short message to Harald Wiltsche (harald.wiltsche@liu.se).

Keywords: philosophy, applied ethics, methodology

Contact: Harald Wiltsche (harald.wiltsche@liu.se).


The HEAD and DRD Seminar Series

Seminar series arranged by Linnaeus Centre HEAD in collaboration with the Disability Research Division at Linköping University.


Higher Seminar in Gender Studies  

This is a seminar series conducted by the Gender Studies Unit at the Department of Thematic Studies.  Both researchers and PhD students from Tema Genus and academic, activist and artistic guest speakers from other universities in Sweden and abroad take active part in this forum.  

The seminar is held in two main forms. One is a solo presentation that normally lasts 45-55 minutes and is followed by an extensive q&a session. The other is a mini-symposium format during which 3-4 researchers offer 15-20 minute interventions on a chosen problem followed by a general discussion. The range of topics covered is very broad and touches upon many issues crucial to gender studies in relation to other interdisciplinary areas. Anyone interested is welcome. The working language is English. 

If you want to present your research at the higher seminar in Gender Studies please contact Madina Tlostanova (madina.tlostanova@liu.se) or Jami Weinstein (jami.weinstein@liu.se). 

If you want a Zoom link to one of our seminars, please contact Björn Pernrud, TEMA Genus senior coordinator (björn.pernrud@liu.se).   

Updated information on the upcoming Tema Genus higher seminars can be also found on our unit`s facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TemaGenus 


Higher seminar in Technology and Social Change

Tema T’s higher seminar develops and challenges the knowledge base that unites researchers within our research environment. Colleagues from LiU as well as from other institutions also take part in the seminar series. Three to four times per semester, internationally established researchers present cutting-edge research about technology and society, in the broadest sense. A one-hour presentation is usually followed by 45 minutes of discussion. The seminars take place on Wednesdays between 13.15 - 15.00 and is held in English.

Contact: Jonas Anshelm (jonas.anshelm@liu.se)

Contact for zoom links: Josefin Frilund (josefin.frilund@liu.se)


Machine Learning Seminars (IDA)

Machine learning is a field of study at the intersection of statistics, artificial intelligence and computer science.

The IDA MAchine Learning Seminars is a series of research presentations given by nationally and internationally recognized researchers in the field of machine learning.

Keywords: Statistics (mathematical and applied), Probability theory, Applied probability, Financial mathematics, Bioinformatics

Contact: Fredrik Lindsten, IDA (fredrik.lindsten@liu.se)



This seminar series is organized by the research environment Tema Culture and Society in collaboration with Forum for Form, Aesthetics and Design. We share an interest for a critical / analytical understanding of the social, creative, economic, legal and political dimensions of cultural heritage and mediated culture, and participate in the development of form and craft studies. The series mixes internal working seminars with presentations of external guests. The seminars are usually held on Wednesdays 13-15 or Thursdays 13-15 every other week. For ZOOM link and texts, please contact Olga Zabalueva. Upcoming seminars are regularly announced here (link to Swedish site)

mediated culture; cultural heritage; patent; intellectual property; digitization; museology; cultural memory, cultural history; form, aesthetics and design 

Contact: olga@zabalueva@liu.se


REMESO general seminars on migration, ethnicity and society

The REMESO seminar presents and discusses interdisciplinary research on migration, ethnicity, and society on the local as well as the global level and from many perspectives – individual experience, local community development, civil society, the restructuring of the labour market, conditions for citizenship and welfare, and refugee and asylum issues. The seminar also covers topics that link migration and ethnicity to racism and right-wing extremism, post-colonial historical developments, education, health issues, and cultural and aesthetic expressions.

REMESO's general seminar is aimed at researchers, postgraduate students, and master's students as well as others interested in issues concerning migration, ethnicity, and society. The seminar is usually held in English.

Key words:
migration, ethnicity, individual experience, local community development, civil society, labour market, citizenship, asylum politics, welfare, policy and practices, political economy, national state transformations, globalization, regional integration, racism, extreme-right, antiracism, colonialism, post-colonial history, education, health, culture, aesthetics.

Seminar responsible are Haqqi Bahram (haqqi.bahram@liu.se) and Paula Mählck (paula.mahlck@liu.se). 


Research and Higher Seminars in Language and Culture

Seminars in language and culture constitute an important meeting place for linguists and literary scholars who share an interest in the interplay between language and culture in everyday, literary, medial, artistic and professional contexts. The research presented in seminars deals with anything from everyday conversations and multimodal interaction to literary texts and media ecology.

The Research Environment Language and Culture has two seminar series:

  • At research seminars ongoing research is presented by doctoral students and researchers from IKOS. We also have thematic seminars that deal with concepts such as racism and artificial intelligence, as well as common interests such as research ethics and publishing. These seminars are held on Wednesdays at 10.15-12.00.
  • At higher seminars current research is presented, often by invited guests but on special occasions also by researchers and doctoral students at IKOS. These seminars are usually held on Wednesdays at 3.15-5 pm.

There is no need to notify us of your attendance in advance, but if you wish to be added to our mailing list to receive news of our upcoming seminars, do send an email to the contact person below. You can find our current seminar schedule here: https://old.liu.se/ikk/ffu/ske/seminarier-i-sprak-och-kultur


Literature, literary studies, language, languages, linguistics, media ecology, media history, multimodal interaction analysis, conversation analysis


Nigel Musk (nigel.musk@liu.se)

Statistics and Mathematical Statistics (IDA, MAI)

The Statistics and Mathematical Statistics Seminars is a series of research presentations given by nationally and internationally recognized researchers in the field of statistics and mathematical statistics.

Contact: Krzysztof Bartoszek, IDA (krzysztof.bartoszek@liu.se) and Torkel Erhardsson, MAI (torkel.erhardsson@liu.se


STRIPE - Socio-technical research of infrastructures, politics and the environment

This seminar series gathers researchers with an interest in the political and environmental dimensions of infrastructures such as energy, transport and waste. The focus of work-in-progress presentations is on the role that infrastructures play in discourses, how visions about infrastructures vary between actors and over time, and the political logics that influence the planning and transformation of infrastructures.

Our seminars are held on Tuesdays from 13.15-15.  If you are interested in participating, you are welcome to contact us for further information. The Seminar’s working language is English.


Infrastructure, environment, STS, socio-technical change


Nancy Brett (nancy.brett@liu.se), Simon Haikola (simon.haikola@liu.se)



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