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Individual curriculum for postgraduate programmes

The individual curriculum can be handed in on a special form or in some other way, but must always include the following information:

  • Name
  • Civic registration number
  • Address
  • Subject or theme of postgraduate education
  • Date of admission
  • Intended degree (PhD, licentiate or both)
  • Outline of time plan for postgraduate education including expected time of disputation
  • Credits gained for courses, completed thesis work, completed teaching or other departmental duties
  • Planned courses, planned thesis work, planned teaching or other departmental duties
  • Supervisor and any assistant supervisor
  • The postgraduate student's right to supervision. The form and extent of supervision

The individual curriculum must include references to current legislation and to the general curriculum for the subject of the postgraduate education.

The curriculum must be signed by the postgraduate student and the supervisor, approved by the head of department and filed at the department. It must be revised yearly by the head of department after consultation with the postgraduate student and the supervisor.

Form for individual curriculum for postgraduate students at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (pdf)

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