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Courses and teaching

Research training comprises two parts: thesis and course work.

A number of research training courses are offered during your time as a graduate student. The extent of the course work, as well as the proportion of compulsory courses varies between programmes. It is possible to take faculty-wide courses within other graduate programmes. You can also take courses at other universities and institutions of higher education. Courses are chosen in consultation with your supervisor and/or director of studies.

A high quality graduate programme must include teaching with an international perspective. Internationalisation may mean giving graduate students the opportunity to participate in international courses and conferences and present their research results for an international audience. It is just as important to give non-Swedish students equal opportunities to join research training. It has therefore become more common that research training courses and seminars are held in English so that everyone can take part, and that the environment in general is characterised by an international outlook.

Teaching may be carried out in different forms, e.g. lectures, seminars, reading courses, group work and project work.

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Last updated: 2021-07-02