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Doctoral Studies at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Are you or do you want to become a doctoral student*? Then you are at the right place.

Why study for a PhD? Is it my thing? What will I get out of it? Will I manage to complete it?

These questions are often asked and there are probably as many answers as there are doctoral students. We asked some people who have taken research training at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

  • For me research training became more enticing the more I discovered how enjoyable, exciting and self-developing it was to write undergraduate essays in history.
  • Curiosity is what makes me want to do research. I want to know why things are the way they are and why people act as they do. So my main motivation is to find new questions to wrestle with.
  • I have found it useful to learn to look beyond the obvious and think along other lines. Not remaining with first impressions but going on to analyse things on a deeper level.
  • The most rewarding thing about research training has been the opportunity to dig deep and the growing feeling of security in my research area.

* The term doctoral student refers to those who are studying either for a licentiate degree or a doctoral degree.


Doctoral Studies - studera.nu

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