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Board of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

The Faculty Board develops research, post-graduate and undergraduate studies, for example, study programmes and single-subject courses. The board's term of office is three years; the current term of office expires 2017-12-31. At its service, the board has a number of standing committees:

  • Appointments Board
  • Postgraduate Studies Board
  • Committee for information and communication technology
  • Committee for quality development work (undergraduate education)
  • Committee for international affairs

Period of office



  • Karin Axelsson, Dean. Chairman
  • Mathias Broth, Pro-dean
  • Åsa Danielsson, Pro-dean
  • Mattias Arvola, senior lecturer
  • Asta Cekaite, professor
  • Henrik Danielsson, associate professor
  • Eva Hemmungs Wirtén, professor
  • Stefan Jonsson, professor
  • Carl Schlyter, Member of Parliament (MP)
  • Lena Adamson, Swedish Institute for Educational Research
  • Linn Lama, student
  • Izabella Strömberg, student
  • Mark Granberg, graduate student
  • SACO: Carine Signoret
  • OFR/S: Rowena Sarinas Bladh


Secretary to the Board

Dana Vagner, Dean's Office
phone 013-28 18 17, fax 013-28 16 99



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Last updated: 2019-01-09