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Rankings and Accreditations

BildUniversity status

The Swedish National Agency for Higher Education (Högskoleverket) publishes the official list of higher education institutions (universities and university colleges) in Sweden. Linköping is recognized as higher education institution (university) in this list and has the right to award academic degrees: List of higher education institutions in Sweden
Linköping University can award academic degrees in the following subjects: Degree Majors

Quality in education assessed by the Swedish Higher Education Authority

Since 2001, the Swedish Higher Education Authority has conducted evaluations of all subject areas (main fields of study) and study programmes at higher education institutions leading to degrees in the arts, sciences, social sciences and artistic. These evaluations take place on a cyclical basis and on all levels: first cycle (undergraduate), second cycle (Master's) and third cycle (doctoral).
The quality assurance system pursues to strengthen the incentives to achieve high standards regarding learning outcomes of study programmes. The Government considered that these three assessment criteria should be included when evaluating study programme outcomes: the students' degree projects, the self-evaluations of higher education institutions in combination with site visits, and questionnaires sent to alumni and students.
Swedish Higher Education Authority has the authority of granting degree awarding powers to the Swedish higher education institutions.
This information is an excerpt from the website of the Swedish Higher Education Authority. More information about the Quality assurance system can be found there.
Swedish Higher Education Authority

International Rankings

Other accreditations

  • In 2012, the Business and Economics programme at Linköping University was the 14th most popular programme in Sweden (considering number of applicants) of all 3240 programmes offered in Sweden. It also was the most popular programme at Linköping University.
  • Erasmus Mundus PhD Programme in "Dynamics of Health and Welfare" together with University of Evora, Portugal, and École Des Hautes Études En Sciences Sociales, France, awarded in 2011.


You can also find a list of the partner universities of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences in the following webpage:

Partner Universities

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