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Short-term courses for exchange students (early December 2021 to end of February 2022)


The Faculty of Arts & Sciences and Faculty of Educational Sciences at Linköping University offer short-term courses for exchange students.

Language of instruction (of all courses listed below, except Swedish language course in period 2): English


Short courses are offered during 3 periods: end of November-mid January, January and end of January-end of February. Students are welcome to study one, two or all three periods (only one course per period).

Period 1: End of November to mid-January

Starting on 06 December 2021 and ending on 23 January 2022. Choose one of the following courses if you want to participate in period 1.

Undergraduate courses

Master courses

Period 2: January

Choose the Intensive beginner's course in Swedish if you want to participate in period 2.

  • Intensive beginner’s course in Swedish

Credits: 7.5 credits
Study Period: 4 January – 4 February 2022
Level: Undergraduate
This course is intended for students with no previous knowledge of Swedish. It is a four-week course aiming to give students a basic knowledge of Swedish with an emphasis on oral skills. The course has four components: pronunciation exercises, oral training, basic Swedish grammar and short writing exercises.

Period 3: End of January to end of February

Starting on 24 January and ending on 26 February 2022. Choose one of the following courses if you want to participate in period 3.

Undergraduate courses

Master courses


Why LiU’s winter courses?

Sweden is known for its cold, snowy and dark winters. Why then study there during that time?

LiU’s winter courses will give you the perfect chance to study courses you are genuinely interested in. Most of our winter courses are part of LiU’s degree programmes, which ensures their high quality. They are taught in a truly multi-cultural and challenging environment including Swedish and international students.

For what is more, Linköping offeres a vibrant student life, while winter snow offers a variety of fun possibilities, including all kinds of winter sports. More about what's there to do in Linköping in Visit Linköping’s site.

Practical Information

Our Website for Incoming Exchange Students contains information about the following areas:


Accommodation can be offered in furnished student rooms costing from approx. 3900 SEK/month.

Activities ranging from dinner parties and short trips to guided tours will be organized for exchange students.

Welcome activites


Application deadline October 15, 2021.

Application form

To apply for the course "Teaching practice" please use the following form: Application form


Take a look at the links below and and the international student guide for more information about travel instructions, etc.

Before arrival

Upon arrival

International Student guide


Examples of the cost of living for a student in Linköping.

Budget and other practical information


For studies lasting less than three months, you should not apply for a residence permit. Citizens of certain countries may remain in Sweden for up to three months without a residence permit or visa. They are allowed to study during this period.
Please observe that citizens of certain countries need an entry visa: Countries whose citizens require a visa for visits shorter than three months

More information about residence permit/visa



For any questions please contact international@ffk.liu.se

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Last updated: 2021-09-17