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International cooperation at
the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Global cooperation through agreements and networks

Ever since Linköping University acquired full university status in 1975, the faculty has been part of global international cooperation with has led to significant changes locally, for example, development of master's programmes and single-subject courses taught in English. Exchange agreements were first established with universities in the USA and Western Europe. Today the network includes Australia, Canada, Latin America, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Africa and south-east Asia. Cooperation with universities in the Baltic states and Central and Eastern Europe has expanded in the last five years.

Within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, the faculty has cooperative ties to around hundred universities in over twenty countries. The cooperation involves, among other things, exchange programmes for teachers and students and curricula development. Many faculty scholars are also involved in educational programmes in developing countries. Thus, the faculty gives priority to activities that support students and academic staff so that they acquire multicultural competence as part of their work.

We are actively looking for new exchange partners!

The Faculty of Arts & Sciences is actively looking for new exchange partners in the following areas of study:

  • Business Law
  • Cognitive Science
  • Statistics (master level)
  • Economics
  • Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development

offering courses in English in these same areas of study. Please feel welcome to contact our international coordinator, Natalia Roma Masdeu

Contact information:

Arts & Sciences International Unit


Postal Address:

Linköping University

Dean's Office Faculty of Arts and Sciences


581 83 Linköping (SWEDEN)


Coordinator for international affairs - Agreements & Projects, teacher exchange

Natalia Roma Masdeu

Tel. +4613281814

Coordinator for incoming students

Konstantinos Mitropoulos

Tel. +4613281074

Coordinator for outgoing students

Johanna Persson

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Last updated: 2019-01-23